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                              Quality Control


                              1 Purpose:

                              To ensure that does not meet the product requirements is identified and controlled to prevent its unintended use or delivery , to ensure fulfillment and enhance customer satisfaction.

                              2 Scope :

                              The company product manufacturing process, including : feed , commissions, external processing , manufacturing , shipping , product protection and other processes are applicable .
                              3 Definition:
                              3.1 substandard products : the product does not meet the standards of products , components, raw materials, including mold jig .

                              3.2 Suspicious products: manufacturing process and storage, transport state can not recognize the state of its quality products, parts or raw materials . Or test equipment failures Test results have been made. 

                              3.3 Nonconforming product disposition : nonconforming product by authorized personnel for review to determine the course of their treatment .

                              3.4 Rework : For defective products meet the requirements of the measures taken by them .

                              3.5 Rework : For defective products conform to meet its intended use and the measures taken .

                              3.6 deviation permit : Product realization before the deviation of the original requirements of the permit.

                              3.7 scrapped : To avoid substandard products to its original intended use of the measures taken . Such as : destruction , recovered.

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